It seems fitting to write about the Ergon GP1 Biokork grip while in Frankfurt, as Ergon is a company based in Koblenz, Germany. I became aware of this company not long ago, and have been duly impressed with their offerings. As evidenced from their product line, much research goes into everything they sell. Ergonomics is the backbone of the design process, which translates into incredibly comfortable to use products. Case in point are the GP1 Biokork grips. I installed them on my touring bike with relative ease. Gone are the days of desperately trying to shimmy on a new grip. These slide on easily, and clamp down with a simple hex key. In my case, I did need to scoot over the gear shift to give the clamp a solid grip onto the handlebar. Once on the bars, a choice needs to be made as to how to angle the grip. There are suggestions on the package which I followed, and I’ve been quite happy with the set up. These grips fit like a glove. They are comfortable over long distances and actually help to make the ride more enjoyable. For those that prefer a look other than cork, there is the original GP1, an all black grip offering the same excellent ergonomics of the cork version. As an aside, at Interbike, Ergon gave us a sneak preview of their upcoming CF3 Pro Carbon seatpost and SR3 Pro Carbon Saddle. Both are excellent designs, and I look forward to giving them a try in 2013.