It is no secret I am a huge fan of Freitag, and every year when I am in Zurich, I make a point of going by their flagship store. I love having a wander through the shop and looking at all the great products they have developed over the years. And, a trip up the stairs to the observation deck affords one of the best views in all of Zurich. On my yearly pilgrimage this summer, I was lucky enough to pick up the F151 Victor. This is a new release from earlier this year, and is squarely aimed at the cycling commuter crowd. It is a 16 to 23 litre padded backpack made from the same rugged truck tarps all Freitag products are made from. This is a roll top style bag that enables it to accommodate different loads. If you are carrying smaller items, just roll down the top, and close with the adjustable buckle. If the load is larger, it is simple enough to close at the top and secure with the same buckle. It is a tried and tested system, and very effective for accommodating all sorts of cargo. There is a separate compartment at the front, and within there are simple organizers for items such as pens, a phone, and corresponding chargers. There is an additional zippered pocket for an iPad and other loose items. On the side of the large front compartment, there is a zippered quick access pocket for storing essentials such as a wallet, passport or boarding pass. The main pocket with the roll top is perfect for a 15″ MacBook Pro, clothing, shoes, or any other larger item you might be lugging around. On the exterior of the bag is a strap for a U-lock and light. The placement is perfect for both. The straps are padded, adjustable and quite comfortable. I’ve spent the last week lugging around everything needed for my days at work, and I find the Victor to be top notch. The design is functional and neat, the comfort supreme, and the quality and construction excellent. I am sure this bag will remain with me for an incredibly long time, and I look forward to seeing how it ages and gains even more personality than it already has. And, I love the fact that the bag is absolutely one of a kind. Freitag continues to impress with the quality and design of their products.