I must preface this post by saying I am predisposed to liking almost anything Freitag does. And by everything, I mean their product, their stores (Zurich in particular), their website, and most importantly, the fact that each product is unique due to their manufacture using recycled truck tarps. With that out of the way, I present the F48 Hazzard, one of two backpacks offered by Freitag. The F48 is the larger of the two, but one would never guess this is a large backpack. Its design is so pure and simple, it seems rather compact in a good way. It has incredibly clean lines that belie how incredibly usable the pack is. It has one large compartment that has a dedicated laptop sleeve. The sleeve keeps your computer safe from other essential commuting items such as shoes and a U-lock, all of which fit well. There is an outer pocket for storing an iPhone and other smaller items. The straps are very comfortable, and in a neat trick, stow away, converting the backpack into a briefcase. All in all, an excellent bag backed by the best customer service in the business. If ever there is a problem with any of their product, just deliver it to Freitag, and they will take care of it. The price of admission is indeed steep, but this backpack will last a lifetime, and its uniqueness will forever set it apart.