One of my excursions while in NYC was out to Red Hook, Brooklyn to see the Gage and DeSoto shop. The shop shares space with Dave Trimble of the Red Hook Criterium. Mike Spriggs, the founder, was there to show me around the wonderful collection of books, apparel, and bikes. The bikes ranged from a Bob Jackson to Ritte to the Trimble seen above. This Trimble is a new creation, and will be raced in the upcoming Red Hook Criterium. In the books section, I found a Japanese coffee table book on Alex Singer Cycles. Impossible to understand as I’m not fluent in Japanese, but the photographs are amazing. This is one of many hard to find, or out of print books carried by the shop. It was also my one purchase at the shop, though I easily could have bought enough books to fill a carton or two. I was quite happy to have made the journey out to Red Hook. It’s an interesting neighborhood that has some exceptional spots to check out. As stated on the Gage and DeSoto site, it’s best reached by bicycle, as public transportation is a bit difficult. I also got the story on why it is called Gage and DeSoto, but you’ll have to contact me to find out, and be of a certain age to understand.