I have been riding with the Giro Prolight SLX shoes for a few weeks now, and my initial impressions are very positive. First, these shoes are crazy light, coming in at 205 grams for a size 42.5 with the ultra-light footbed. They really do feel light, in your hands, on your feet, and on the bike. The fit is nearly perfect, enveloping your foot as if molded specifically for your own comfort. The three velcro straps are what help to make the shoes so light. Giro have forsaken the ratcheting buckle closure on the Prolight in favor of three simple velcro straps. Before trying the shoes, this was my main concern. In terms of fit, my fears were erased immediately. The shoes adjust perfectly with the velcro straps and I like the simplicity of the setup. On the bike, the shoes perform exceptionally, as they transfer your energy to the bike seamlessly. This is the best fitting shoe I’ve tried to date. In addition, the light weight make these perfect shoes to travel with to keep your luggage light. In terms of longevity, only time will tell, but I think they will hold up well. This is a very well constructed shoe, made from a lightweight Teijin microfiber upper with an Easton EC90 SLX carbon outsole with titanium hardware. After a few short weeks, the Prolight’s have become my go to shoe.