The Icebreaker LS Commute Zip Thru is really comfortable. I’ve had it a couple of weeks, and it is appropriate for everything. Inside, outside, and especially on the bike. 98% Merino and 2% Lycra, it feels and looks excellent. There are some nice touches to set it apart like the red zipper, red stitching, and a small but bright reflective strip on the back shoulder. I’ve been riding to work in it, and the cold mornings are perfect for the Merino. It keeps me quite warm, but as I heat up, it pulls away moisture. When I arrive at work, I am not a sweaty mess, which is a definite plus when you have no change of clothes. It washes well in the machine, warm or cool water, and dries quickly laying flat. It is a perfect fall and winter item that can be traced back to its source via the Baacode. Each garment has a code that when inputed on their website will tell you the origin of the Merino used in your garment. Their website also goes into detail about every aspect of Icebreaker’s ethical practices in the production of their clothing. It’s a good website with lots of information, and is worth a look. Good stuff all around.