My head is still in a fog from Interbike. For someone obsessed with cycling and all its bits, this is the ultimate candy store. Of course, we all know what too much candy does to a toddler, and I must say I feel a bit like a toddler after all this candy. There was so much to be seen, and I tried to plot my course of action before the show. One decision I made early on was to concentrate on the lower level first. The lower level seems to be largely ignored by many, and there are definitely some booths worth viewing. The first manufacturer that really made an impression was Mad Fiber. The wheel you see above is a mix of kevlar and carbon, and it is stunning. It is a prototype that should see a release in the near future. I was also able to see their carbon clincher which I am excited to learn more about. It has an aluminum alloy rim bed which alleviates my fears of using full carbon clinchers. They weigh in at 1300 grams for the pair, and have no rider weight limit. They are striking, and I will give my real world impressions once I’ve had the chance to ride them. The folks at Mad Fiber were incredibly gracious, and very passionate about what they do.