I received a sample set of the new IRC Formula Pro Tubeless Light tires last week. I put them on the Cervelo last night and got a short ride in this morning. My first impressions are very favorable. It is definitely a race tire, and has a recommended PSI of between 90 and 115. They are very light, weighing in at 240 grams per tire. The combination of low weight and tubeless design make this as close as you can get to tubular, with the benefit being very low rolling resistance. The advantage is not having to glue tires to your rims. I currently have them inflated to 100 PSI, and the handling is excellent. I have not had the opportunity to try them in the hills as of yet, but I have a feeling they are going to be excellent. I will report back with more impressions once I have more miles on them. As an aside, I am happy to be back on IRC tires. Back in my mountain biking days, the IRC Mythos was always my go to tire, so I have an affinity for IRC.