The Lake CX 237 sits squarely in the middle of the road shoe line-up from the Dutch company. Choosing this model was a bit of an odd decision, as I tend to gravitate towards the top end products in a company’s line-up. Not so with the CX 237. I was attracted to the shoe by the clean design and slightly retro good looks. The BOA closure system was also a key factor in the decision, as it has become my favorite system for any cycling shoe. Upon further reading, I also discovered the shoe is designed to accommodate more room for the forefoot. Sold. I ordered a pair to confirm the shoes meet the expectations promised by the ad copy. Upon initial inspection, the design and materials were exactly as promised. Simple, well built, and very functional. The shoe is made from full grain leather and mesh. Even now, after a lot of use, the shoes still have that wonderful smell of rich leather. The sole is 100 % carbon fiber, and is as stiff as any I’ve tried from the other manufacturers. The Competition last is “designed for comfort and optimal power transfer”, and in my opinion, is perfect for any type of riding. The shoes were comfortable the first time I wore them, but now the leather has conformed perfectly to my foot, and the shoes are getting better and better with each ride. Leather is definitely a great material for cycling shoes because it improves as it ages. The BOA closure system is a bombproof closure that also happens to be one of the easiest to use. Once you put the shoe on, you push down on the round closure button, and then turn to tighten. It adjusts easily on the fly, both to loosen and tighten, and can be done while pedaling. When taking the shoes off, all you need to do is pull up on the two closures, and the shoe loosens for removal. It is a smart system, and I’m happy it’s made its way onto the CX 237. Shoes are quite like helmets as they are a subjective preference. But, I believe the Lake CX 237 can fulfill almost everyone’s requirements for a top notch cycling shoe. The shoes are comfortable, built to last a lifetime, and designed to fit the majority of cyclists out there.