Light and Motion seems to be able to pull off the impossible. They take an already great product, and make it far better than could be imagined. This is definitely the case with the new Urban 700, a step up from last year’s Urban 550. As the number indicates, the lumens have gone up quite a bit, resulting in a brighter light. But more importantly, the reflector has been redesigned to be able to handle the increased output. The new design makes for a larger and smoother beam spread. It lights your way without a distinct line at the edge of the beam. This makes it easier to navigate in total darkness, and in turn, makes riding safer and easier. In a previous review, I pointed out that Light and Motion was the premier bike light manufacturer, and in releasing the Urban 700, they can solidly lay claim to that title. In related Light and Motion news, the company has outgrown their Monterey, CA, headquarters, and are currently in the process of relocating to nearby Marina, CA. The story can be read on their blog. The move promises to allow Light and Motion to continue building the best lights in the industry, and also continue to manufacture their products locally.