The Solite 250EX from Light & Motion is an exceptionally versatile light designed to be a bike light, a headlamp, a flashlight, a helmet light and even a freestanding light. This may seem like a lot of functions, but after using the Solite, I’ve discovered it handles all its intended purposes quite well. The light comes with different mounts for its different uses. To function as a headlamp, the light and battery attach to a snug headband. The mount is intuitive, and the headband quite comfortable. As a stand-alone light and flashlight, all that is needed is to attach the light to the battery, and presto, you have a light on a stand or a flashlight. These three purposes alone make this a very attractive package. For my next camping trip, the Solite will be indispensable. For those wanting to use this as a bike light, there is a wonderfully simple attachment that cradles both the battery and light, and then straps to the stem of the bicycle. It’s a simple and neat system, and still allows the beam to be adjusted any which way you desire. Lastly, there is a mount for your helmet that is also quite simple to use. Best of all, the light can easily be swapped to function in any of its intended uses. The light has a run time of 4 hours at its brightest setting, and 30 hours at its lowest setting. There is also a “read” setting that allows the light to run for 150 hours at 7 lumens. The way I see it, the Solite will get you through an entire weekend of camping. For those worried about weight in a backpack, the Solite with battery comes in at a mere 104 grams according to my scale. The Solite is a great solution for those looking for one light to serve many functions. It is available directly from Light & Motion as well as other fine retailers. One last point to make: all Light & Motion products are designed and assembled in California.