Today was a busy day. Woke at 5:30am, made coffee, read the paper, and then the craziness started. First day of school, so getting the kids up, dressed, fed and to school. Meet the new teachers, listen in on the lesson plans for the year, and back home I go. Hop on the bike, go to work in record time, not because I wanted to race in 90 degree heat, but because I was late. I’m in the middle of an installation at work, so busy there as well. But the day went fine, busy, but fine. And then, after all the hectic activities, I hopped on my bike for the ride home. Unlike the morning commute, it was a very leisurely ride down back streets with little traffic. Rides like this are what keep me from getting too wrapped up in the details that life throws at you. It’s this ride that keeps me sane and happy. I’m all for climbing 3000 feet and going for the record time, but it’s the peaceful short rides that matter.