Shimano S-PHYRE RC9 Shoes



Replacing my older MTB gear with the Shimano S-PHYRE RC9 is probably the most significant change recently made to my bike rides. Currently, I’m riding a gravel/adventure bike with a bunch of fancy components. However, I know one of the most important aspects of my ride has been the addition of the Shimano S-PHYRE RC9 shoes. From long stretches along the SoCal beaches to a quick jaunt up to the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles, these shoes make rides quite an amazing treat. (more…)

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Philleywood Gloves


The Rodney leather gloves made by Philleywood of Los Angeles are a revelation. Gloves are one item on the short list of most tried accessories for riding a bike, and I find I’ve been through my fair share from many different makers. Most are of high quality, but after trying the Rodney’s for the first time, I’d be hard pressed to go back to another glove.

First off, even before trying them on, these gloves were special. The sheepskin leather is like no other I’ve felt. It is incredibly subtle and soft, and the gloves in turn, feel like luxury. I’d followed the instructions on the site to measure my hands, and at first fitting the gloves felt a bit tight. This is on purpose, as they stretch and conform to fit your hands after the first few wears. Many gloves have a break-in period that involves chafing or some other sort of annoyance, but the gloves from Philleywood are an entirely different story. From the very first ride in them, they were virtually perfect. The oddest thing to wrap your head around is the feeling that you aren’t wearing anything at all. They’re the embodiment of the expression “fitting like a glove.” (more…)

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Smith Interval


Ordering glasses sight unseen can be a challenge, but with the online sizing tools offered by Smith Optics, getting the right fit wasn’t difficult. I generally know the shape of glasses that work for me, as well as the size, so by narrowing the search using the tools on the left side of the web page, you are able to see a selection of what will probably work for you. Then, when looking at a specific pair, the actual measurements are displayed, and those can be taken and compared to your present glasses. I had a good time looking through the site. I knew I wanted something that could also be worn on a daily basis, but also worked well on the bike. That’s where the Smith glasses really shine, as they are not just suitable for sports, they’re absolutely ideal. The Smith Intervals were my pick, and when they arrived, I was absolutely thrilled. They fit perfectly, and my choice was validated. (more…)

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Mammoth Gran Fondo



Today is the last day to sign up for the Mammoth Gran Fondo before the price goes up. I am participating this year, and I cannot wait to ride the roads of the Eastern Sierra with like minded individuals. Full support, partially closed roads, and plenty of rest stops. If this sounds like the perfect Saturday, sign up today.



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Two Beautiful and Interesting Bikes


A short pre-weekend post highlighting two bicycles that I think are quite stunning. Pictured above is the Bastion Cycles road disc bike. Bastion Cycles is based in Australia, and they have perfected 3D-printed titanium lugs bonded to carbon tubes. I’ve only seen one frame in person at Cycle Store Zurich, and it was stunning. Because the lugs are 3D-printed, the customization options are endless. A frame can be made to suit every style of riding.

Pictured below is the Chapter 2 Huru bike. Chapter 2, based in New Zealand, is the brainchild of Michael Pryde, son of Neil Pryde. After starting and spending years running the bicycle division of Neil Pryde, Michael Pryde set out on his own to start Chapter 2. The lineup consists of 3 frames, one all around road, one aero, and one climbing bike. The Huru is the climbing bike, and the one I’m most interested in trying. It’s worth noting the details in the frame, from the graphics to the subtle design features.



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Topeak D-Torq Wrench

As someone who tinkers with bikes on an almost daily basis, a torque wrench is an absolute necessity. Today’s bikes and components are mostly carbon fiber, and as carbon is more delicate than metal, proper tightening of bolts has become a more critical part of bicycle assembly and maintenance. Without proper torque, components are more susceptible to failure, so it is imperative to get the proper torque values for each bolt, and use a torque wrench to achieve said torque. (more…)

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Open WI.DE.

A new Open is always cause for celebration. This is the WI.DE., a.k.a. Winding Detours. This new variation on the original U.P. has clearance for up to 2.4″ mountain bike tires. Described as an all road, gravel, extreme bike, the WI.DE. will handle most any terrain. The dropped drive side chain stay has been replicated on the non-driveside, allowing for the use of massive mountain bike tires. The journey to this new U.P. variant has been chronicled on the Open blog, and as always, both Gerard and Andy are quite forthcoming in the trials and tribulations of reaching this final design. The transparency is refreshing, and this bike looks to be amazing.

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Ventoux, just published this week, is the story of a group of friends revisiting their past and a fateful climb to Mont Ventoux. I’m midway through the book and, so far, it has been a great read. It is not necessarily a story of cycling, but cycling plays an important role in the story. Ventoux is available now at World Editions.

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