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Wow, I wish I was in NYC for the opening of the Greg Lemond exhibit at the Rapha Cycle Club. Greg Lemond will be in attendance for the opening night festivities on Thursday. The exhibition contains highlights from Greg Lemond’s personal collection, such as the 1991 Tour de France Lemond/Calfee bicycle, the first carbon frame to race in the tour. An excerpt from the invitation follows, as well as a selected list of some of the bikes in the exhibition.

Opening this Friday, February 14th, the Rapha Cycle Club New York City is hosting an exhibition of selected memorabilia of three-time Tour de France winner, Greg LeMond. Greg has lent us some of his most prized possessions to display alongside his own recently launched bike line, giving fans of one of America’s greatest riders a glimpse into his past – and future.

Ahead of the exhibition, and to mark the launch of Rapha’s own To the Sun collection, the Rapha blog now features an exclusive interview with Greg LeMond.

1986 TDF Look/Hinault
1989 TDF TT Bottechia
1989 World Championship LeMond /TVT (carbon tube)
1990 TDF LeMond/TVT (carbon tube)
1989 TDF Bottechia
1991 TDF LeMond/Calfee (first full carbon frame)
The full collection of 2014 LeMond Bicycles