As I’ve stated in the past, I like things that are made in the US. Search and State make their product in the US, so I am predisposed to liking the company and the product. There are currently two products available on their website, a jersey and a jacket. First up is the S1-A Riding Jersey. It is made from a two toned quick dry microbial fabric that is milled in the US. The fabric feels excellent against the skin, and should prove to be perfect for three season riding, or in my case in SoCal, four season riding. It is a very lightweight fabric, and it does indeed dry very quickly. The full length locking Riri zipper is another feature I appreciate, as a full length zipper is a must for me, and this one is particularly easy to use. There is a three pocket configuration in back with a reinforced elastic. The styling of the jersey is very simple and clean. It is all black with very subtle S and S branding on one sleeve, the rear pocket, and the zipper. All three are very understated and elegant. The fit of the jersey is really great. It is a slim fit, but not so slim that you have to squeeze yourself into it, making it very comfortable. I also wanted to point out the simplicity of the sizing chart on the website. It is all broken down by height which then translates to small through extra large. It’s very easy to figure out, and I believe it is very accurate. Search and State have entered into a market that already has its fair share of players, but the simplicity and quality of their design, combined with manufacturing in the US, will easily set them apart from their competitors.