I never dreamed a bell would make its way onto the cockpit of any bicycle I rode, save perhaps a dedicated city bike. A bell has always felt akin to a toy, not a serious piece of cycling hardware, and for that reason, I shied away from them. But, one day, on a casual troll of the cycling blogs, I came across Spurcycle and their new bell. The photos on their website inspired me to write and inquire if a sample might be available. I was drawn to the simplicity of form and all out good design of something so basic that has been overlooked in the past.  I asked for the black bell, and it promptly arrived in a minimal but beautiful box. Inside the box were the bell and two bands, one for 22-26 MM bars, and another for 30-36 MM bars. The installation directions are printed on the back side of the inner sleeve, and as is to be expected with good design, are quite clear. There is also an effective graphic detailing the process. Once installed, I had the pleasure of testing it for the first time. The sound I heard was music to my ears. Actually, it continues to be music to my ears. I can’t get enough of how clear and brilliant the bell sounds, and I find myself ringing it whenever an occasion arises. It is loud and powerful, and quite capable of alerting everyone in your vicinity of your presence. The bell is crafted of brass and stainless steel, and is made in the USA. Its compact size allows it to be installed on any handlebars no matter the configuration. The Spurcycle bell is most definitely the best bell I have ever seen or heard, and it is deserving of a spot on your dream bike.