About a month ago I went to visit the Swrve offices in Downtown LA. I got a tour of the premises, and was able to see in person the many different items of clothing they are making, and with what machines they make them. It is a very impressive operation, and I am definitely biased towards liking things made locally. With that in mind, I picked up a pair of the skinny fit jeans. I was planning on going for the regular fit, but was told their skinny fit was sized between a Levis 511 and 514. That made me happy as 514’s are a little too loose, and 511’s are a little too tight. As promised, the jeans fit perfectly. I wore them for quite a few days before I actually rode in them. On a casual basis, they are perfect. As comfortable as can be. These jeans made me not want to wear the other jeans in the closet. But, the real test would be on the bike. On more than one occasion, I needed to ride downtown and up to Hollywood before work. I gave the jeans a try on one of these trips. I found the results a little hard to believe. These jeans are perfect for riding. They bend and stretch perfectly, and don’t inhibit the ride in any way. I couldn’t be more pleased, and I hope to be able to try some of Swrve’s other clothing in the near future.