One of the first pieces I treated myself to from Mission Workshop was the Eiger jacket. It’s been over four years since I got it, and each time I wear it, I am reminded of the quality and excellent design Mission Workshop has come to represent. The company may be best known for their messenger bags and backpacks, but I am here to tell you that their clothing is on a par with those offerings. The clothing line keeps growing, and certain items, such as the Eiger, are re-released in limited runs, so those who missed out the first time have another chance at obtaining a quality piece. The Eiger, Mission’s top-of-the-line jacket, is made from one of the best fabrics I’ve had the chance to use: Schoeller c_change. The fabric has a heat reactive waterproof and breathable membrane that helps to regulate body temperature. It sounds a bit high tech and incredible, but after wearing it, I marvel at the abilities of the textile designers at Schoeller. The jacket is absolutely perfect for a wide range of activities, and can easily roam between cold weather and warm interiors without pause. Buying into the rarified world of high tech fabrics comes at a price, in this case $745.00, but rest assured, if you are in the position to make such an investment, the jacket will easily outlive any other piece of clothing in your closet. The styling is simple and subdued, so this is not a piece that will ever fall out of style. I foresee wearing mine for many years to come. The Eiger is currently available for pre-order on the Mission Workshop site, with shipping at the end of this month. Some might balk at the price, but those who indulge will enjoy one of the finest coats on the market.