Today’s post is completely unrelated to cycling, and instead relates to my other passion, automobiles. Earlier today, I was afforded the opportunity to tour Magnus Walker’s garage. On a small side street in the warehouse district of downtown LA, I met Magnus as he was walking up with a cup of coffee. He took a small remote out of his pocket and opened the gate to the property. We walked in, the door slid shut, and we were standing in a small courtyard. Next sliding door opens, and a collection of beautiful Porsche 911s is revealed in an immaculate room. It is an impressive group of cars that would awe even the most serious of collectors. Each car seems to have its own story, and is completely different from the next. Each has subtle modifications that accentuate the already perfect design of the 911. These  small touches make the cars unique and entirely an Urban Outlaw creation. Magnus’s website is wonderful to look through, with plenty of photographs of all the cars. There is also a link to the film that is a 30 minute look into the life of Magnus. The visit with Magnus was inspiring, and I look forward to seeing each and every 911 he creates.